Activities & Other Outputs

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  1. Visiting Scholar, University of Auckland Business School, 2023;
  2. Visiting Scholar, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2023;
  3. I am one of the founders and co-organisers of the Global Corporate Law Seminar Series (with V Barnes, E Micheler and S Wheeler);
  4. I am one of the founders and co-editors of the Edinburgh Universty Press book series Global Studies in Commercial and Financial Law (with V Barnes and S Wheeler) - drop me an email to discuss book proposal ideas;
  5. I am the Convenor of the Company Law Subject Section of the Society of Legal Scholars (the UK's premiere legal academic society);
  6. I am the Convenor of the Law Society of Scotland's Banking, Company and Insolvency Law Policy Sub-Committee, tasked with overseeing the Scottish legal profession's response to law reform.

Books & Books Chapters

  1. 'Atomising Corporate Law: A Battle Cry for Splitters', in CM Bruner and MT Moore (eds), A Research Agenda for Corporate Law (Elgar, 2023);
  2. 'Insolvency Law through the Lens of Company Law Theories', in E Ghio, JM Wood and JLL Gant (eds), Re-examining Insolvency Law and Theory (Elgar, 2023);
  3. 'United Kingdom Historical Viewpoint',  in RS Thomas, P Giudici and U Varottil, Research Handbook on Shareholder Inspection Rights: A Comparative Perspective (Elgar, 2023);
  4. 'Cautionary Obligations' in H MacQueen and R Eassie (eds) Gloag and Henderson: The Law of Scotland (15th edn, W Green & Sons);
  5. 'Hiring, Deposit and Donation' in H MacQueen and R Eassie (eds) Gloag and Henderson: The Law of Scotland (15th edn, W Green & Sons);
  6.  Floating Charges in Scotland: New Perspectives and Current Issues, ed with ADJ MacPherson (2022);
  7. 'Law and Economics of the Floating Charge' in the above (2022);
  8. 'Hohfeld and the Scots Law Floating Charge' in the above (2022);
  9. 'The Ranking of Floating Charges' (with ADJ MacPherson) in the above (2022);
  10. 'The Empirical Importance of the Floating Charge in Scotland' (with ADJ MacPherson) in the above (2022);
  11. 'Law and Economics of Corporate Financial Difficulty' in PJ Omar and JLL Gant (eds) Research Handbook on Corporate Restructuring (Elgar 2021);
  12.  Commercial Law in Scotland (with L Macgregor, L Richardson, D Garrity and ADJ MacPherson, W Green 2020, 6th edn);
  13.  A Practical Guide to Granting Corporate Security in Scotland (W Green 2018)

Other Outputs

  1.  'Moveable Transactions Reform: Reform at Last', Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, July 2023;
  2. '[Review of] Company Law: A Real Entity Theory by Eva Micheler' (2023) 139 Law Quarterly Review 173;
  3. '[Review of] Leslie Kosmin QC and Catherine Roberts, Company Law Meetings and Resolutions: Law, Practice, and Procedure' (2022) 26 Edinburgh Law Review 286;
  4.  '[Review of] Orkun Akseli and John Linarelli (eds) The Future of Commercial Law: Ways Forward for Change and Reform' (2021) 25 Edinburgh Law Review 266;
  5. 'Fitting Economic Concepts Into Corporate Law' (2021) University of Oslo Companies, Markets and Sustainability Blog;
  6. '[Review of] The Floating Charge by Alisdair DJ MacPherson' [2021] Juridical Review 61;
  7.  '[Review of] Andrea Miglionico: The Governance of Credit Rating Agencies' (2020) 24 Edinburgh Law Review 156;
  8.  '[Review of] Balancing the Protection of Business and Employment in Insolvency: An Anglo-French Perspective by Jennifer LL Gant' (2018) 47 Industrial Law Journal 585;

Presentations & Conferences

  1. Speaker at Waiheke, New Zealand, 'The Elephant in the Room' 2 November 2023 (title: 'Concession Theory);
  2. Speaker at UCL, London 'Queering Private Law' 11-12 September 2023 (title: 'A Roadmap for Queering(?) Corporate Law');
  3. Invited speaker at Monash CLARS Conference, Prato 'Sustainable Capitalisma and the Corporation', 20-21 July 2023 (title: Fixing Corporate Law's Incentive for Externality);
  4. Speaker at the Hart Workshop 2023, London, 'Theorists in Company Law', 29-30 June 2023 (title: The Battleground for the Legal Interaction with Institutional Economics: Susan Watson and Eva Micheler);
  5. Invited speaker at Oxford Brookes, 'Landmark Cases in Company Law' 28 June 2023 (title: Quin & Axtens Ltd v Salmon);
  6. Invited speaker at Law Society of Scotland, 'Conference on Commercial Contracts' 30 May 2023 (title: Moveable Transactions Reform: Pledge);
  7. Invited speaker at Edinburgh University, 'Moveable Transactions Reform Conference' 21 and 22 April 2023 (title: Moveable Transactions Reform and Scottish Share "Pledges"');
  8. Host & Organiser at Edinburgh University, 'The Future of Company Law' 27 and 28 April 2023;
  9. Invited speaker at Nottingham law School, 'Annual Conference of the Partnership, LLP and LLC Law Forum'15 September 2022 (title: Empirical reflections on LLPs and LPs, with L Macgregor);
  10. Speaker at World Interdisciplinary Network of Institutional Researchers Annual Conference 9 September 2022 (title: Corporate Law's Incentive for Externality);
  11. Invited speaker at LSE, 'An Institutional Theory of the Firm' 16 - 17 June 2022 (title: Real Entities in Fictitious Persons: Separate Legal Personality and the Firm);
  12. Invited speaker at Maastricht University, 'Ius Commune 2021' 25 Novembeer 2021 (title: Fixing Limited Liability)
  13. Host and organiser at Edinburgh University, 'Partnership Law Conference' 23 April 2021;
  14. Speaker at Oslo University, 'Daughters of Themis Conference' 16 April 2021 (title: The Nexus of Contracts Revisited: Delineating the Business, the Firm and the Legal Entity);